Friday, May 6, 2011


The long planned/long delayed House of Low Culture/Mamiffer split cassette has finally been produced to coincide with the recent and upcoming Mamiffer/HOLC tour dates. The tape features one new track by each band - HOLC: Perverted Scripture / Mamiffer: Silent Night. The covers were handmade by Faith Coloccia, using the original artwork generated for Mamiffer's most recent album "Mare Decendrii". Released in an edition of 42 copies, SIGE 009. It has been or will be available at recent and upcoming Mamiffer/HOLC live shows, and as of now a few copies remain for mailorder. The price is $10, not including postage. We only have small number left, so if you are interested in one please write us with your name and address, we'll calculate the cost including shipping and get back to you.

Status update on other SIGE releases: Mamiffer "Hirror Enniffer" LP (SIGE001): sold out for mailorder, distro and the webshop. Last copies will be available at the upcoming shows. Greymachine "Disconnected" 2xLP (SIGE 002): sold out for mailorder and distro, a few black vinyl copies remain in the webshop. Mamiffer/Oakeater split LP (SIGE 003): sold out for distro and mailorder, some grey vinyl copies remain at webshop. Mamiffer/HOLC split LP (SIGE 004): clear vinyl sold out at webshop. Clear and black vinyl still available for mailorder and upcoming shows.....

Thank you.

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