Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mamiffer & Locrian "Bless Them That Curse You"

Above: cover for the new record "Bless Them That Curse You"
Art and design by Faith Coloccia.

The album is a collaborative effort between Mamiffer and Locrian.
Recorded in Chicago IL by Greg Norman. Mixed by Randall Dunn in Seattle WA.

CD on Profound Lore, limited CD release (with a bonus track) on Daymare records in Japan, 2xLP on Utech/SIGE, and cassette release on SIGE/Land of Decay.

Track titles:

1. In Fulminic Blaze
2. Bless Them That Curse You
3. Corpus Luteum
4. Second Burial
5. Lechatelierite
6. Metis/Amaranthine/The Emperor

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