Monday, November 12, 2012


Hi there,

The Menace Ruine "Alight in Ashes" 2xLP will be available again this week in our webstore. The Japanese CD version of the Mamiffer/Pyramids split will also be available and includes a remix by William Fowler Collins. The cassette version of the Mamiffer/Pyramids split will be restocked in the coming weeks for those that missed the first round - we're currently assembling the remainder of the edition. Jodis 2xCS box its now sold out. Next up on SIGE: Daniel Menche "Vilke" 2xLP.

Also: just a quick note here to say thanks to all the people that made the Mamiffer/Menace Ruine European tour a wonderful experience: THANK YOU! We had a great time and appreciate those that made the tour possible and all that came to the shows.

(above pic of Mamiffer by S. De La Moth)

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  1. Thank you, Faith and Aaron, definitely one of the best concert nights this year, and once again your guest musicians made it even more special. Your generosity is much appreciated. Take care!