Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We are very happy to announce the next release on SIGE Records"Enharmonic Intervals (for Paschen Organ)", a collaborative album by Mamiffer & Circle. The 2xLP version will be released by SIGE on 10/12/13, with the CD version due at approximately the same time via Finland's Ektro Records. Track previews and further album details will follow shortly.

In other SIGE news, we are currently in the planning stages of a release with our friend and collaborator Jon Mueller for his Death Blues project. You can discover more about Death Blues here, and check out the previous Death Blues album on Taiga Records here.

And finally: to coincide with the release of the Mamiffer & Circle album and the Mamiffer fall tour, we're is preparing a 2xLP repress of the second Mamiffer full length "Mare Decendrii". The official release date for that is also 10/12/13, but it will available a few weeks prior at the aforementioned Mamiffer live shows, and for direct mail-order from the SIGE webstore. The CD version is still available from the webstore and in downloadable form from the Mamiffer Bandcamp.

Thank you.

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