Sunday, October 18, 2015

SIGE release schedule

Fall news and release schedule:

Pre orders for Oakeater and Daniel Manche & Mamiffer go up next week!

Oakeater "Aquarius"

1. Wishful Beginnings
2. All That is Sacred
3. Hatchet
4. MAPS  
5. Aquarius
6. Respite

Daniel Menche and Mamiffer


1. Calyx 6:19
2. Husk 14:13
3. Alluvial 16:16
4. Breccia 16:20
5. Exuviae 11:25
6. Maar 4:04

November 2015: (Pre order in October)

SIGE-029 Oakeater "Aquarius" LP/CS

SIGE-003 Oakeater + Mamiffer CS (Iron Road/Fake Witch)

SIGE-043 Daniel Menche + Mamiffer "Crater" CD/CS

November 2015: 

SIGE-037 SUMAC "the Deal" CS

SIGE-040 Circle "Pharaoh Overlord" CS

SIGE-041 Pharaoh Overlord "Circle" CS

SIGE-042 Jussi Lehtisalo "Maisteri" CS

Available in December:

SIGE-022 Māra "Surfacing" CD/CS

SIGE-047 Barnett+Coloccia "WELD" CS

Available in January 2016:

SIGE-044 Daniel Menche + Mamiffer (live collaboration) CS

SIGE-050 Daniel Menche + Faith Coloccia photo book

SIGE-022 Māra "Surfacing" CD/CS


Available in March 2016:

SIGE045 Mamiffer "The World Unseen" LP/CD

Available now:

SIGE-035 Mamiffer "Statu Nascendi" Re-press (pink vinyl) :

SIGE-037 SUMAC "the deal" 3rd re-press

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