Monday, July 18, 2016

Help Zachary from Black Spirituals get stolen gear back!

Link to "GoFundme"

Keep an eye out for this stolen musical equipment:

From Zachary: 

"Hello Powerful Creatures,

I send high vibration resonance.

My name is Zachary James Watkins and on Saturday July 16th, 2016 my 1997 Honda CRV carrying my entire live music performance instruments was stolen shortly after I performed Choreographer Phoebe Osborne's new work "Solarium" at City Lights Gallery featuring myself as composer/performer, powerful dancer Alexander Brown as well as Phoebe herself.  

I live and breathe sound, expression and social engagment. My duo Black Spirituals has worked hard for over 4 years creating radical improvised music and have built a strong momentum inspirning many powerful opportunities. Black Spirituals are featured in the August issue of the internationally acclaimed Wire Magazine and have upcoming performances in Austin, TX and Europe.

I am creating a gofundme campaign to try and raise at the very least some part of the money needed to replace key components of my equipment. For instance, my Vintage Univox Highflyer Phase 4 that was gifted me when I was 14 years old which explains the "Lubbock Has More Ska" sticker collage on the back.

I currently work a minimum wage job in Oakland, Ca and am navigating a handful of intermittent technical contract positions and of course my live music performances in order to survive and experience life.   

I do not have either health or renters insurance. It is time to change this.

Please Consider donating to this fund. I am deeply moved by the outpouring of support via phone calls and social media championship.  I feel loved and appreciated and am grateful beyond words.

Love and High Vibration Resonance.

Link To Google Doc Listing My Stolen Equipment:

Zachary James Watkins"

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