Monday, April 8, 2019

Marshall Trammell

April 20th at Southern Exposure SF CA

Join us on Saturday, April 20, 4:00-7:00PM for a special performance and discussion. Mutual Aid Project – Marshall Trammell (percussion), Tracy Hui (banjo and electronics), Nick Obando (alto saxophone and electronics) – will be joined by solidarity economists, restorative justice and labor activists, and the general public to listen, translate and broaden practical applications of What Does A Harm Free Zone Sound Like? Part II in everyday practices.

This performance will be a continuation of What Does a Harm Free Zone Sound Like? Part I, but can be equally enjoyed even if you can't make it to the first event.

Performing Political Education: Fighting Formations are a series from the “Status Quo Is My Enemy” tour by Improvised Music and Social Practice artist Marshall Trammell, of, (formerly Music Research Strategies). Inspired by the historical process of building Harm Free Zones ( sites of Transformative Justice), incarcerated former BPP/BLA Russell “Maroon” Shoatz’ ‘zine “Black Fighting Formations: Their Strengths, Weaknesses and Potentials,” and the tactical media of the Underground Railroad (UGRR), the tour serves to reinserts solidarity technologies of the UGRR and explore the labor-value of i/Improvisation as an everyday life, organizing tool in today's political landscape.

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