Friday, November 16, 2012

Menace Ruine: Last live performances for a while, go see them while you can!

Menace Ruine are performing tonight in Montreal:

and again on December 1st in Brooklyn NY:
tickets can be found HERE.

*This may be a rare opportunity to see them, as they are taking a break from touring and live performances for a while.*

"Alight in Ashes" 2xLP is now back in stock at the SIGE store.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Hi there,

The Menace Ruine "Alight in Ashes" 2xLP will be available again this week in our webstore. The Japanese CD version of the Mamiffer/Pyramids split will also be available and includes a remix by William Fowler Collins. The cassette version of the Mamiffer/Pyramids split will be restocked in the coming weeks for those that missed the first round - we're currently assembling the remainder of the edition. Jodis 2xCS box its now sold out. Next up on SIGE: Daniel Menche "Vilke" 2xLP.

Also: just a quick note here to say thanks to all the people that made the Mamiffer/Menace Ruine European tour a wonderful experience: THANK YOU! We had a great time and appreciate those that made the tour possible and all that came to the shows.

(above pic of Mamiffer by S. De La Moth)

Saturday, October 20, 2012


We're happy to announce three new SIGE titles are available for order via our webstore as of Monday, October the 22nd. They are as follows:

Menace Ruine "Alight in Ashes" 2 x LP - SIGE 016. The new full length from Menace Ruine. First pressing of 370 copies, housed in 3 color heavyweight screen printed jackets, with 2 color screen printed inserts and 2 colors of vinyl (black and red/black swirl). 

Mamiffer/Pyramids - split cassette - SIGE 017. A thirty five minute split from Mamiffer and Pyramids. Oversized tape box with custom packaging and a 28 page hand-sewn art booklet by Faith Coloccia. Edition of 100 copies. 

Jodis "Secret House/Black Curtain" 2 x cassette - SIGE 018. Both full length albums from Jodis, each on it's own cassette. Oversized hand painted tape box with custom packaging and a 28 page hand-sewn art booklet by Faith Coloccia. Edition of 75 copies. 

Audio samples can be heard here:

To order please visit our webstore here (ordering will be possible as of Monday the 22nd).

Thank you.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mamiffer & Menace Ruine Fall Tour

Confirmed tour dates: 

14-10-2012 Arena, Vienna Austria 
15-10-2012 Nkc Park, Zagreb Croatia
16-10-2012 eMCe, Velenje Slovenia
17-10-2012 Chet's Club, Bologna Italy
18-10-2012 Ligera, Milan Italy
19-10-2012 Queen Kong Club, Neuchatel Switzerland
20-10-2012 Dachstock, Bern Switzerland
21-10-2012 L'Espace B, Paris, France 

22-10-2012 Les Passagers Du Zinc, Besancon France
23-10-2012 Magasin 4, Brussels Belgium
24-10-2012 La Zone, Liege Belgium
25-10-2012 Winston, Amsterdam Netherlands
26-10-2012 Christuskirche, Bochum Germany
27-10-2012 Die Stadtmitte, Karlsruhe Germany
28-10-2012 HBC, Berlin Germany
30-10-2012 Firlej, Wroclaw Poland
31-10-2012 Klub Powiekszenie, Warsaw Poland
Wydzial Remontowy,  Gdansk, Poland
02-11-2012 Artelis, Riga Latvia
03-11-2012 Von Krahl, Tallinn Estonia
04-11-2012 Korjaamo, Helsinki Finland

*Poster design by S. De La Moth, drawing by Faith Coloccia

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SIGE018: JODIS 2x cassette tape

Secret House and Black Curtain will be released on SIGE Records as a 2x Cassette tape on October 16.
Limited to 75 copies, with hand sewn booklet, and insert. Booklet includes artwork from both releases.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Hello. There is now a preview track from the forth coming Menace Ruine album available for public consumption courtesy of Pitchfork. Go here to check it out. The production of  2xLP version on SIGE is currently underway, with a projected release date of early October. The CD version will be available from Profound Lore on Oct 2nd. Thank you and enjoy!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Hello there. In advance of the release of Menace Ruine's forthcoming album "Alight In Ashes" we are happy to be offering a new t-shirt for them, a one color design based off the album artwork. It is available in men and women's sizes, and interested parties can visit the Sige webstore for purchase info. Thank you!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


We are extremely excited to announce the release of Menace Ruine's "Alight in Ashes"  2xLP on SIGE Records. No exact release date is available at this time, but we hope to have mail-order copies for sale in mid-September to coincide with Menace Ruine's west coast tour, with the full scale release to follow shortly there after. The CD format will be handled by Profound Lore. Sound samples and track listing coming soon.

Thank you.


Hello. We've restocked some items in the store - some of which have been unavailable for quite some time:

- Ides Of Gemini "Constantinople" 2xLP - Smoke colored vinyl version
- HOLC "Poisoned Soil" CD 
- Mamiffer "Mare Decendrii" Japanese import 2xCD version
- Mamiffer/HOLC/Merzbow "LouLou" CD/DVD 
- Mamiffer "Hirror Enniffer" CD

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We are happy to announce that the Ides of Gemini "Constantinople" LP is available for mailorder today (05/22/12) via the SIGE webstore - click here to order. It was pressed in an edition of 300 copies, available in white and smoke/clear vinyl, and comes housed in a three color silkscreened heavyweight jacket. At the moment it may only be obtained directly from SIGE. Next week Ides of Gemini will be offering the album on all three formats (LP/CD/CS) at their record release show on May 29. The LP edition will be available from stores and other outlets on June 12th. The CD has been released by Neurot Recordings and the band are self releasing a cassette version as well.

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SIGE is very happy to announce that we will be releasing the next Menace Ruine full length, 2xLP this fall!

The CD version will be available from Profound Lore Records.

This fall Menace Ruine and Mamiffer will be on tour together in Europe.
More information coming soon.

Monday, April 9, 2012


We've just received the re-press of the Mamiffer & Locrian "Bless Them That Curse You" 2xLP. There are two new colors this time around: white and grey marble. You can mail-order these direct from us now for $20 (US, includes shipping), $29 (CAN, includes shipping), and $36 (EU, etc. includes shipping) - send Payal orders to: The repress colors will also be available in the SIGE webstore as of next week. (Please be sure to leave your address!)

Lastly, Cvlt Nation posted a Mamiffer mix tape selection on their website - check it out here.

Thank you!


Hi there - the first preview track from the forthcoming Ides of Gemini album. The track is "Starless Midnight", the album is "Constantinople". The release date is May 15th. Good! Ides are also playing a bunch of upcoming shows in the LA area, so go and see them if you live down there.

Monday, April 2, 2012


We're happy to announce the next release on SIGE records, the debut full length from our friends Ides of Gemini. The LP will be released on May 15th via SIGE, and the CD version on Neurot Recordings around the same time. Here's a snippet about Ides of Gemini from their press release about the forthcoming album:

"The nine songs on Constantinople evince the light and shade of the IDES dynamic: the vicious and the atmospheric mingling in a spacious panorama of high white ether. Respected metal journalist Etan Rosenbloom described it best on “Guitarist J. Bennett lays down imperial metal riffs swathed in so much reverb that they seem isolated from the rest of the world. Bassist/vocalist Sera Timms layers her affectless voice in ghostly counterpoint, turning tales of spiritual discord into disturbing lullabies…If something seems missing from Ides Of Gemini’s sound, that’s exactly the point. Their accretion of small musical gestures inverts metal’s normal use of space. They imply terror without ever exposing it. Each song is an accumulation of outlines, a sort of sonic daguerreotype.”

For further info, show info, video, etc please visit the band's site here.
Updates and audio clips to be posted here shortly.

Thank you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


As of today you can find the Mamiffer & Locrian "Bless Them That Curse You" 2xLP in finer record shops world wide (i.e. the US, some of Europe, and possibly a few other territories). If you don't already own this recording and would like to, please visit your local stockist today. If you can't get out of the house or love getting packages in the mail, this title is still available from our webshop. Thank you for your support.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


The shelves at our webstore have been refreshed with a large number of items that have been out of stock for some time, or recently disappeared. For those interested, the following items are once again available:

Mamiffer & Locrian "Bless Them That Curse You" 2xLP/CD/CS
Mamiffer/House of Low Culture/Merzbow "Lou Lou...." 2xLP/CD+DVD (final copies)
Mamiffer "Mare Decendrii" CD
Mamiffer "Hirror Enniffer" CD
v/a Utech Fest 2xCD

Also, we're planning on a SIGE re-release of the Mamiffer "Mare Decendrii" 2xLP, with alternate packaging and a related art/photo book. No definite date has been set for this, but we hope to get it going over the summer after the Ides of Gemini LP that's coming in May. More on both soon...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We're nearly sold out of a number of items at our webstore, including the Mamiffer & Locrian "Bless Them That Curse You" 2xLP, but we'll be re-stocking in the coming days. Along with the 2xLP we're also replenishing our stock on the following: Mamiffer "Mare Decendrii" CD, Mamiffer "Hirror Enniffer" CD, v/a Utech Fest 2xCD, Mamiffer/Merzbow/HOLC "Lou Lou..." CD/DVD, and the Mamiffer/HOLC LP. For any of you that might be looking for the Mamiffer "Mare Decendrii" 2xLP, we're hoping to do a repress of that on SIGE in the near future.

For European customers who are concerned about the high cost of mail-ordering from the US, ANOST, Denovali, Green Hell and a few other distributors across Europe have copies of the Mamiffer/Locrian (and other SIGE titles) available now, or will later in the month.

Lastly, Brooklyn Vegan has posted an interview with Mamiffer and Locrian conducted by Oxbow's Eugene Robinson here.

Thank you.

Monday, February 27, 2012


We are happy to announce the availability of several new items at the SIGE store as of today. If you are interested in any of the following you can visit the webstore here:

• Mamiffer & Locrian "Bless Them That Curse You" 2xLP/CD/cassette.
Two versions of the vinyl are available: brown/grey mix and clear. The cassette is an edition of 200. Released in cooperation with Profound Lore, Land of Decay and Utech.

• Jussi Lehtisalo "Interludes for Prepared Beast" cassette.
Edition of 100 copies. Jussi is also a participant in Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, Split Cranium and Ektro Records. Released in cooperation Full Contact Records.

• v/a URMF/KFJC 2xCD
Full live sets from Mamiffer and House of Low Culture with drawings by A. Turner. Also features live tracks/sets from Locrian, Horseback, James Plotkin w/Jon Mueller, etc. A Utech Records release.

Also up today is an interview with Mamiffer and Locrian on Tiny Mix Tapes. Read it here.

Up next on SIGE Records: Ides of Gemini "Constantinople" LP...

Thank you.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


COMING SOON: JUSSI LEHTISALO "INTERLUDES FOR PREPARED BEAST" CASSETTE. Full length album from Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, Split Cranium, etc). Limited to 100 copies. More information coming soon, audio clip.. now. LP version released by Full Contact/Svart. Thank you.

Jussi Lehtisalo - Here March The Cranes (clip) by Ektro Records

Friday, February 3, 2012


Mamiffer & Locrian "In Fulminic Blaze" by SIGE
Mamiffer & Locrian "Corpus Luteum" by SIGE
Pharaoh Overlord "Rodent" by SIGE

SIGE now has a soundcloud page. You can visit that here. So far we've only got tracks up from our two newest releases (Mamiffer & Locrian, Pharaoh Overlord), but we'll add clips from our back catalog in the near future. Thank you....

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pharaoh Overlord Pre-order available now!

We are happy to announce the pre-order
for the vinyl version of Pharaoh Overlord's "Lunar Jetman"

Edition of 500, 100 black 400 clear.

"Lunar Jetman excavates Pharaoh Overlord's monolithic lineup of the previous decade’s live recordings. With the avant-wizard Hans Joachim Irmler (Faust) onboard, the crossfire of turbulent frequencies jolts the Lord's vacuum-sealed riffcraft on an incalculable orbit, where the restraint and bleakness vaguely resemblant of blues evolves into cathartic bursts of thrashing improvisations and moments of serenity. There is nothing ornamental in the menacing austerity of this album."

The CD can be pre-ordered at Ektro Records.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mamiffer & Locrian: "Bless Them That Curse You"

You can preview the 1st track from The Mamiffer & Locrian collaboration here.

The LP will be available in stores February 21st.
The CD will be available in stores March 5th.
Both formats will be available for mail-order from SIGE, Utech, and Profound Lore
on February 27th.
The cassette will also be available for mail-order around that time from Land Of Decay and SIGE.