Monday, October 29, 2018

SIGE artist upcoming shows


11/15 Jon Mueller - Madison

11/16 Jon Mueller / Tontine Ensemble - Milwaukee

11/17 Resonance Series: Sarah Davachi / Jon Mueller / Gordon Ashworth - Chicago

12/1 Gong meditation - Milwaukee

12/2 Gong meditation - Egg Harbor

12/9 Reading meditation - Egg Harbor

For more info:

Mára (Faith Coloccia)

12/6 with Thou and MJ Guider - Anacortes WA

William Fowler Collins

12/6 with Jaye Jayle and Emma Ruth Rundle at Sister Albuquerque NM

Daniel Menche

11/4 at Turn Turn Turn Portland OR

Zachary James Watkins

11/15 at , OM's Blaine Todd presents the second installment of Latitudes featuring and Zachary James Watkins. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Black Spirituals video premiere!

Here is the new Black Spirituals(Zachary James Watkins and Marshall Trammell) video premiere for "Treatment" (Video by Faith Coloccia and Daniel Menche. 

Video is here: Echoes and Dust website

Marshall Trammell: "What Faith Coloccia, with the support of Daniel Menche, have done is create a double, intertextual fold. Strobed and iterative, they have remapped the narrative of fugitivity as simultaneous multi-dimensionality, adapted from Dr. Willie Anku; performed by Black Spirituals, as an origami of emancipated soul. This is the flesh and blood of Black Spirituals. This is the flesh and blood of the present wave of magic and unapologetic liberation."