Monday, August 7, 2017

New SIGE releases

ENDON "Through the Mirror" CS. The LP came out on Hydra Head Records, and the CD came out on Daymare Records, Japan.

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New full length album by ENDON, Japan's primary proprietors of catastrophic noise metal. Cassette edition of 75 copies, originally released on LP by Hydra Head Records and on CD by Daymare Recordings. Full color 6 panel j-card, black cassettes, printed labels.  Art and design by MA.

"Equal parts strafing electronic noise and chaotic old-skool emo violence/metallic hardcore, all 47 minutes bulge with operatic bombast, and amount to something ineffable and stunning." "This is a monumental work that should be heard by anyone interested in the forging of new paths in extreme music..." - The Quietus 

NORDRA (Monika Khot) "ST" debut album, single LP

You can order the LP here:

Debut album by Seattle's Nordra, aka Monika Khot. Desolate beat-scapes flecked with fleeting moments of beauty. Design by Nordra and SIGE, housed in letterpressed jackets by Stumptown Printers.  Edition of 300 copies, pressed on dried blood colored vinyl. 

"...tracks plowed relentlessly with complex martial rhythms buttressed by engrossingly desolate guitar and trumpet drones. Others wafted like anomic threnodies for this damaged, damned age. This music is the future of pop, right fucking now; you just don't realize it yet." - The Stranger 

Aaron Turner and Daniel Menche, "NOX" LP

You can order the LP here:

31 minute long-form collaborative track by Aaron Turner and Daniel Menche - utilizing field recordings, choral vocal arrangements, prepared guitar, processing, electronics, percussion, etc. Meditative and immersive. Edition of 400 copies - 150 clear, 250 black. Design by Daniel Castrejon, photographs by Faith Coloccia, letterpressed jackets by Stumptown Printers. 

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