Friday, October 23, 2015

Māra "Surfacing" out December 2015 on SIGE

Māra "Surfacing"
Out in December 2015 on SIGE records (CS/Digital)

1. The Gift of Life
2. Warmth, Shelter, Oblivion
3. Sant'Elia a Pianisi
4. Flask of Hermes
5. Nothing of Everything
6. Love and Infinity
7. Healing for the Wounded

Sunday, October 18, 2015

SIGE release schedule

Fall news and release schedule:

Pre orders for Oakeater and Daniel Manche & Mamiffer go up next week!

Oakeater "Aquarius"

1. Wishful Beginnings
2. All That is Sacred
3. Hatchet
4. MAPS  
5. Aquarius
6. Respite

Daniel Menche and Mamiffer


1. Calyx 6:19
2. Husk 14:13
3. Alluvial 16:16
4. Breccia 16:20
5. Exuviae 11:25
6. Maar 4:04

November 2015: (Pre order in October)

SIGE-029 Oakeater "Aquarius" LP/CS

SIGE-003 Oakeater + Mamiffer CS (Iron Road/Fake Witch)

SIGE-043 Daniel Menche + Mamiffer "Crater" CD/CS

November 2015: 

SIGE-037 SUMAC "the Deal" CS

SIGE-040 Circle "Pharaoh Overlord" CS

SIGE-041 Pharaoh Overlord "Circle" CS

SIGE-042 Jussi Lehtisalo "Maisteri" CS

Available in December:

SIGE-022 Māra "Surfacing" CD/CS

SIGE-047 Barnett+Coloccia "WELD" CS

Available in January 2016:

SIGE-044 Daniel Menche + Mamiffer (live collaboration) CS

SIGE-050 Daniel Menche + Faith Coloccia photo book

SIGE-022 Māra "Surfacing" CD/CS


Available in March 2016:

SIGE045 Mamiffer "The World Unseen" LP/CD

Available now:

SIGE-035 Mamiffer "Statu Nascendi" Re-press (pink vinyl) :

SIGE-037 SUMAC "the deal" 3rd re-press

Sunday, October 4, 2015

SIGE Artists on tour

Zachary Watkins Texa Tour w/ Aram Shelton:

10 / 1 Denton (
10 / 2 Houston (
10 / 3 San Antonio 
10 / 4 Austin 
10 / 5 Dallas 

*photo by Michael Zelner

Jon Mueller: A Magnetic Center

More info:

Monday October 5th

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA

Tuesday October 6th

140 Wilson Ave.

Brooklyn, NY

Thursday October 8th

Northern Routes
The Brick House Community Resource Center
24 Third Street
Turner’s Falls, MA

Saturday October 10th
Casa Del Popolo

Montreal, QC

Sunday October 11th

Sacred Root
139 W. State Street
Ithaca, NY

Monday October 12th
Bop Stop
11125 Magnolia Drive

Cleveland, OH

Tuesday October 13th

1464 Gratiot Avenue

Detroit, MI

Friday November 6th

Witching Hour Festival

Iowa City, IA

Thursday November 19th


INOVA: Institute of Visual Arts
2155 N. Prospect Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53202