Friday, August 20, 2021

Marshall Trammell "Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgement #1 (ENLA #1)"

Pro Arts in partnership with AGENCY Oakland invites you to The LOOM, on August 21st, 2021, at 6:00PM for a public site-tuning event, entitled Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgement #1 (ENLA #1), performed by percussionist Marshall Trammell/Music Research Strategies.

Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgement #1 (ENLA #1) is an electro-acoustic, site-tuning event of the internal architecture of the 10,000 square feet AGENCY's space at the LOOM. The event is part of Trammell’s Black Amnesia and Indigenous Justice project series that began as his 2018-19 Intercultural Leadership Institute fellowship and his solo tour, Status Quo Is My Enemy.  Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgment series of public site-interventions in Oakland, performed by Marshall Trammell are meant to create a platform for new interpretations of the ethos of native land acknowledgements with the Artist at the center of community empowerment, knowledge production, and solidarity economics. 

As part of Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgement #1 (ENLA #1) Marshall Trammell will lead a collective reading of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples , perform a percussion solo, and discuss the significance of his Black Amnesia and Indigenous Ebonic Native Land Acknowledgement projects, and the Pro Arts’ Performing Pro Arts COMMONS incubator that transgresses art, law, and economics to reframe the value of art and labor in the context of a sharing economy. Trammell will also lead a collective reading of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous which will become the foundation for the idiosyncratic, sound-based site-tuning event at AGENCY at The LOOM. It should further be noted that this project proposal is an interpretation of the visual score, Dispatch #2, conceived by Candace Hopkins (Taglish/Yukon) and Raven Chacon (Novajo) by Music Research Strategies. “Published in three parts — or ‘Dispatches’ as the artists declare — the work draws from Chacon and Hopkins’ reflections on the fight for cultural preservation and defense of Indigenous sovereignty at the Standing Rock Reservation Water Protector encampment in 2016.

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AGENCY Oakland is a newly established collective that creates and holds community-centered space for artistic and creative production and knowledge in Oakland, CA. 

Pro Arts is one of the longest running alternative art spaces in Oakland, CA. Established as a 501 (c ) (3) organization in 1974, over the years Pro Arts has supported more than 20,000 artists and cultural workers by providing them the opportunity to create in a non-traditional context and connect with new audiences.

Marshall Trammell/Music Research Strategies is an Oakland-based, experimental archivist, percussionist, conductor, and composer performing political education through the production and reproduction of tactical media manifested in sonic, social and political cooperative aesthetics. His work is centered in social change interventions and embraces improvisation as a collective, movement-building tool in the creation of post-capitalist imaginaries. 

The LOOM is an urban village in Oakland, California, where tenants, visitors, artists and neighbors are all vital parts of a collective vision: creating a self-powered and regenerative community where how we live, work and play is intertwined.


August 21, 2021 @ 6:00pm

Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgement #1 (ENLA #1) by Marshall Trammell/Music Research Strategies 

AGENCY @ the LOOM, 2150 Livingston Street, Oakland, CA 94606 

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Event Program

6:00/6:30pm Native Land Acknowledgement & Solo Percussion Performance by Marshall Trammell

7:00pm Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgement #1 (ENLA #1) 

7:30pm Performing Pro Arts COMMONS & The Moral Clause (presentation)

8:00pm – Site-Tuning & Documentation

**This is an in-door public event and all attendees will be required to wear masks. Refreshments will be served.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

SIGE Records artists recent press

 Norway's Borealis festival: Marshall Trammell (Music Research Strategies) "11 Postures" and Raven Chacon featured in the new issue of The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music!

Sunday, May 23 – 7:30pm

Marshall Trammell live stream event - trio with Thurston Moore and Bruce Ackley!

Information HERE

Thom Nguyen interview: At 15 Questions (photo by Paul Shaver)


Monday, March 29, 2021

Thom Nguyen "Exits" now available!

You can hear the record here, and pre-order the cassette!

Thom Nguyen is an Asheville, North Carolina-based improvisor and drummer of Nest Egg, MANAS, Forever Peace + Charm and We Bow To No Masters. Producing energetic bursts and invoking a sensitivity to space that one often associates with Free-Jazz and New Music percussion, Nguyen’s approach elegantly bridges works of sonic sculpture with a punk aesthetic of immediacy, aggression and playfulness.


1. Blackout Meditation
2. On top of the water tower looking up, looking down
3. Apart of, too, or before
4. This Cold Heat
5. Present Point of Necessity
6. Nor is harmony more or less complex
7. Leaning Towards Dementia

Thom Nguyen - Drums
Ft. Archimedes on track 5 - Dog tags
All tracks are improvised, no overdubs. 
Recorded and mixed by Jerm at Serpent and the Rainbow, Summer 2019. 
Mastered by Jake Rodriguez
Artwork and design by Faith Coloccia


From Faith Coloccia: When Aaron and I started SIGE records in 2010, our first goal was to make friends while creating situations in which to learn. We wanted to maintain creative control of our records and also maintain the direction of our intent by being personally involved in the process of manufacturing, and our relationships with the people we work with. We wanted to foster community with people who reimagine what the world can be, and can reimagine be-ing in the world. In our 10+ years as a label we have been constantly amazed at the depth and unending talent of friends new and old that we work with.  I met Thom Nguyen through Tashi Dorji last year when SIGE released We Bow To No Masters (Tashi Dorji, Thom Nguyen, Patrick Shiroishi, Dylan Fujioka). We see record releases as constellations- so when Thom sent us his debut solo record of course we wanted to help it come out into the world.  Thom is a powerful person, he is grounded in a dedication to reimagine time and space and the influence of emotion, and I am so happy to get to work with him. Friends and acquaintances are interconnected and integral parts of reimagining systems of knowledge and being!