Friday, January 22, 2016

Mamiffer track premiere from "The World Unseen"

The World Unseen comes out April 1st on SIGE records.

Track List: 

1. By the Light of My Body 
2. Flower of the Field II 
3. 13 Burning Stars 
4. Mara 
5. Domestication of the Ewe - part I  (Est Ovum)
6. Domestication of the Ewe - part II (Höhle)
7. Domestication of the Ewe - part III (Divine Virus)
8. Parthenogenesis

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mára "Surfacing" (SIGE022) Artwork

Artwork for the Mára record "Surfacing" released December 2015.
The cassette is housed in a letterpress cover, with 8x 2 sided color photo cards.
All artwork by Faith Coloccia. 

You can get the cassette HERE
And the digital HERE
LP version may come out later this year.

Mára Press: 

Press for: Mára "Surfacing"

-The WIRE video premiere
-Faith Coloccia interview with Scene Point Blank

-FACT Magazine premiere
-ATTN Magazine UK
-Black magazine
-Ponto Alternativo