Tuesday, June 30, 2020

NORDRA "Pylon lll"

NORDRA (Monika Khot) "Pylon III" - LP/DL coming from SIGE Records July 31st. Track and LP up now - link in comments. Thank you!


NORDRA Pylon lll

Track listing:

Searching In Fields For Elements
Hand Holding
Reflective Friend
Monologue On The Beach
Transcendence 1
Transcendence 2

Score to PYLON III--choreographed by Coleman Pester // TMS
PYLON III is a multi media performance blending highly physical dance, active visual projections, and live-feed surveillance; blurring the line between observer and observed and is the third iteration of PYLON.

The ongoing project PYLON is concerned with themes of systematic fear and control placed on human bodies operating within modern society; between communal pressure and self-fulfillment, between surveillance and privacy, between unyielding architecture and fragile flesh. This is an investigation of watching and individuation. PYLON features dynamic choreography, architectural installation, and a complex quagmire of digital image gathering/projection.

Composed and recorded by Monika Khot
Mixed by Randall Dunn
Mastered by James Plotkin
Visuals by Alexander Boeschenstein
Drawing and design by Faith Coloccia

SIGE records 2020

SIGE Records and Mutual Aid

Hello Friends⠀

Today we have new releases from: Marshall Trammell & William Fowler Collins, Zachary James Watkins, DOOLHOF (MC Dälek, A. Turner and Dennis Tyfus), Raven Chacon, Old Man Gloom, Tashi Dorji, NORDRA, Mamiffer, Alex Barnett, Daniel Menche and Aaron Turner.⠀

Proceeds will benefit: ⠀

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Due to the Minn. Freedom Fund being maxed out proceeds will go instead to:⠀

The Louisville Community Bail Fund⠀
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Thank you so much to all the artists that contributed and all supporters! ⠀

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