Tuesday, December 31, 2013

SIGE 2014


Mesa Ritual (William Fowler Collins and Raven Chacon) LP/ CS
Death Blues (Jon Mueller) 2xLP
Daniel Menche & William Fowler Collins LP / CS
Black Spirituals ( Zachary James Watkins and Marshall Trammell  LP / CS
Old Man Gloom  2xLP / CS
Oakeater  LP / CS
Menace Ruine 2xLP
Ides of Gemini LP

Re-Issues for:
Mamiffer Hirror Enniffer 2xLP
Mamiffer/Oakeater CS
Greymachine "Disconnected" 2xLP over-run edition of 50

and a few more...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mamiffer and Circle available digitally

The Mamiffer and Circle Record "Enharmonic Intervals (For Paschen organ) is now on bandcamp

Also available at the SIGE store on CD and 2xLP.

The new book by Faith Coloccia is also available now through the SIGE store.

Also available:
Barnett + Coloccia "Retrieval" tape and LP (from Blackest Ever Black).

The Barnett + Coloccia record is  available digitally and can be streamed in full on Pitchfork.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New music on SIGE

Here are some new tracks from recent Mamiffer cassette releases on SIGE Records. The first is from the "Live Through Menche" release - Mamiffer live recordings as interpreted by Daniel Menche . The second is from the split cassette with House of Low Culture. Both are available from the SIGE Big Cartel page now. Art and packaging by Faith Coloccia. Thank you.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mamiffer/HoLC/GMS NW shows + new tracks

This weekend:

11/14 @ The Highline / Seattle, WA
Gabriel Saloman, Mamiffer, Dull Knife & LA Lungs

11/16 @ Vancouver, BC / (email sigerecords@hotmail.com for venue info)
Gabriel Saloman, Mamiffer, House of Low Culture & Mass Marriage

Also - some new Mamiffer tracks from recent cassette releases have been added to the SIGE Soundcloud:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Barnett+Coloccia "Retrieval"

Here is a link to the video premiere for "So, How Much Do You Know About Me?" by Barnett + Coloccia. The video was made by great friend Daniel Menche. The LP is available to order from Blackest Ever Black, and the tape will be available through SIGE.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Coloccia & Turner November 1st show

Aaron and Faith will be showing new artwork, and have a sound installation at Hastings Cone Gallery on Vashon, November 1st-30th. The opening night (Nov. 1st 6-9) DJ will be Joe Preston. They will also have a new book available for the first time at the show.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mamiffer & Circle record release Today, ETC

Hello, SIGE has some new items in at the store today for the Mamiffer & Circle record release:

Mamiffer and Circle "Enharmonic Intervals (for Paschen Organ)" 2xLP and CD 
Mamiffer "Mare Decendrii" 2xLP re-press
Mamiffer & House of Low Culture "Split tape #3"
Mamiffer "LIVE (Through Daniel Menche)" tape
Mamiffer & Demian Johnston "split tape" re-press

The store also has some left over Mamiffer and House of Low Culture 2013 Fall tour merchandise: patches, shirts, sweatshirts and various release re-stocks.

Thank you! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Barnett + Coloccia

Barnett and Coloccia LP release date in November on Blackest Ever Black.

More information HERE.

A tape cassette release will be available from SIGE.

Preview a track HERE.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We are happy to announce the arrival of the Mamiffer & Circle "Enharmonic Intervals (for Paschen Organ)" 2xLP. It is available for pre-order in our webstore as of now, and the CD version (from Ektro Records), will follow shortly. Both formats will also be available in stores on Oct 15th. Preview tracks from the album may be heard on our Soundcloud pageMamiffer will also be selling copies of the vinyl on the west coast portion of their tour that is currently underway.

Thank you!

"Recorded over a single day at Keski-Porin Kirkko, the nineteenth-century stone church in the heart of Circle's hometown, the basic tracks for Enharmonic Intervals exude divine inspiration. Caressed by Faith Coloccia, Aaron Turner, Jussi Lehtisalo, and Mika Rättö, the house of worship's immense Paschen organ sets a liturgical, contemplative mood, which persists unabated through a cycle of improvisations and short compositions. The album opens and closes with slowly building sinfoniettas of sustained drone and flatlining feedback that shine heavenly light onto the wan, academic corpse of avant-garde minimalism. In the middle, all sorts of hell breaks loose: Coloccia chants wordless omens on a distant shore, Turner shouts his lungs out, Lehtisalo speaks in tongues from atop synthesized snowbanks, Rättö gargles operatic gibberish, hummingbird guitars flutter past, and delicate chords glisten like dewdrops on Arctic lichen."
-Jordan Mamone, New York, NY

Friday, September 6, 2013

Mamiffer and HOLC full tour dates


We start driving tomorrow, first show on Sunday.
Thanks to Bryan Proteau for the beautiful drawing on the poster above!
Hope to see some of you out there....

* MamifferWith Alcest and Anathema
# As/with House of Low Culture (aka HoLC)

#9/8 - Minneapolis, MN - House of Low Culture, Adam June and Transitional Species @ Madame
#9/9 - Chicago, IL - House of Low Culture w/Helen Money and Andy Ortmann @ 2202 N. Milwaukee
#9/11 - Pawtucket, RI - Mamiffer, HoLC, High aura'd and Brown Recluse Alpha (Chris Forgues) @ Machines w/ Magnets
*9/12 - Philadelphia, PA - Mamiffer @ Underground Arts
*9/13 - Springfield, VA - Mamiffer @ Empire
*9/14 - New York, NY - Mamiffer @ Gramercy Theater
*9/15 - Boston, MA - Mamiffer @ Middle East
*9/16 - Montreal, QC - Mamiffer @ Foufounes Electriques
*9/18 - Toronto, ON - Mamiffer @ Opera House
*9/19 - Flint, MI @ - Mamiffer The Machine Shop
*9/20 - Cleveland, OH - Mamiffer @ Peabody's
*9/21 - Chicago, IL - Mamiffer @ Reggie's
*9/22 - Minneapolis, MN - Mamiffer @ Mill City Nights
*9/24 - Denver, CO - Mamiffer @ Summit City Music Hall
*9/25 - Salt Lake City, UT - Mamiffer @ In The Venue
*9/26 - Boise, ID - Mamiffer @ Knitting Factory
*9/27 - Seattle, WA - Mamiffer @ Studio Seven
*9/28 - Vancouver, BC - Mamiffer @ Rickshaw Theater
*9/29 - Portland, OR - Mamiffer @ Hawthorne Theater
#09/30 - Chico, CA - House of Low Culture, Mamiffer, Ernesto Alvorado @ Cafe Coda
*10/1 - Oakland, CA - Mamiffer @ Oakland Opera House
#10/02 - Oakland, CA - House of Low Culture w/Sad Vicious, Black Spirituals and Helen Money @ Life Changing Ministries
*10/3 - Los Angeles, CA - Mamiffer @ El Rey Theater
*10/4 - San Diego, CA - Mamiffer @ The Casbah
*10/5 - Tempe, AZ - Mamiffer @ The Marquee Theater
#10/7 - Los Angeles, CA - Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner w/Julie Tolentino @Night Gallery

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We are very happy to announce the next release on SIGE Records"Enharmonic Intervals (for Paschen Organ)", a collaborative album by Mamiffer & Circle. The 2xLP version will be released by SIGE on 10/12/13, with the CD version due at approximately the same time via Finland's Ektro Records. Track previews and further album details will follow shortly.

In other SIGE news, we are currently in the planning stages of a release with our friend and collaborator Jon Mueller for his Death Blues project. You can discover more about Death Blues here, and check out the previous Death Blues album on Taiga Records here.

And finally: to coincide with the release of the Mamiffer & Circle album and the Mamiffer fall tour, we're is preparing a 2xLP repress of the second Mamiffer full length "Mare Decendrii". The official release date for that is also 10/12/13, but it will available a few weeks prior at the aforementioned Mamiffer live shows, and for direct mail-order from the SIGE webstore. The CD version is still available from the webstore and in downloadable form from the Mamiffer Bandcamp.

Thank you.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mamiffer and House of Low Culture Fall 2013 shows

*poster drawing by Bryan Proteau.

SHOW DATES (before, during and after the Mamiffer tour with Alcest this Fall)

9/8 House of Low Culture and TBA @ Madame, 
3401 Chicago Ave S  Minneapolis MN

9/9 House of Low Culture with Helen Money and Andy Ortmann,
at 2202 N Milwaukee, Chicago IL 8pm

9/11 Mamiffer, House of Low Culture, High aura'd and Brown Recluse Alpha(Chris Forgues), at Machines w/ Magnets, Pawtucket RI

09/30 Mamiffer, House of Low Culture, Ernesto Alvarado and Cities
Chico, CA  @ Cafe Coda $5, 8pm, All Ages

10/02 House of Low Culture  with Sad Vicious,
Black Spirituals and Helen Money , Oakland CA @ Life Changing Ministries

10/7 Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner and TBA at Night Gallery 2276 East 16th Street,
Los Angeles, CA

10/24 House of Low Culture with Godflesh, and Nails 
Seattle WA @   Neumos

10/25 House of Low Culture with Godflesh, and Nails
Portland OR @ Hawthorne Theatre

10/26 House of Low Culture with Godflesh, and Nails
Oakland CA @ the Oakland opera House

10/27 House of Low Culture with Godflesh and Nails
Los Angeles, CA @ The Henry Fonda

11/1 Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner Art show/sound installation/
book premiere at Hastings Cone Gallery in Vashon WA

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mamiffer and House of Low Culture touring the US this fall

With Alcest and Anathema*
With House of Low Culture #

#9/8 House of Low Culture and TBA @ Madame, 

     3401 Chicago Ave S  Minneapolis MN  
#9/9 House of Low Culture with Helen Money and Andy Ortmann,
     at 2202 N Milwaukee, Chicago IL 8pm
#9/11 Mamiffer, HOLC and Brown Recluse Alpha(Chris Forgues),
    at Machines w/ Magnets, Pawtucket RI 

*9/12 Philadelphia PA @ Underground Arts
*9/13 Springfield VA @ Empire
*9/14 New York NY @ Gramercy Theater
*9/15 Boston MA @ Middle East
*9/16 Montreal QC @ Foufounes Electriques
*9/18 Toronto ON @ Opera House
*9/19 Flint MI @ The Machine Shop
*9/20 Cleveland OH @ Peabody's
*9/21 Chicago IL @ Reggie's
*9/22 Minneapolis MN @ Mill City Nights

*9/24 Denver CO @ Summit City Music Hall
*9/25 Salt Lake City UT @ In The Venue
*9/26 Boise ID @ Knitting Factory
*9/27 Seattle WA @ Studio Seven
*9/28 Vancouver BC @ Rickshaw Theater
*9/29 Portland OR @ Hawthorne Theater

#09/30 Chico, CA - House of Low Culture, Mamiffer, 
     Ernesto Alvorado @ The Coda Bar

*10/1 Oakland CA @ Oakland Opera House

#10/02 Oakland, CA - House of Low Culture w/Sad Vicious,
    Black Spirituals and Helen Money @ Life Changing Ministries

*10/3 Los Angeles CA @ El Rey Theater
*10/4 San Diego CA @ The Casbah
*10/5 Tempe AZ @ The Marquee Theater

#10/7 Los Angeles CA Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner, 

#10/24/13 Seattle WA at Neumo's with Godflesh, Prurient and Nails
#10/25/13 Portland, OR at the Hawthorne Theatre with Godflesh, Prurient and Nails