Saturday, August 31, 2019

SIGE artist upcoming shows:


9/25 Vancouver BC Canada, New Forms Festival
11/09 Portland OR, Modular 8 with Jim Haynes and Mamiffer


Music Research Strategies' Status Quo Is My Enemy Tour continues
September 11-14, 2019 - Underground Railroad Training, Niagara Falls, NY.
September 25, 2019 - “Towards a Solidarity Economics Conduction System for Improvisers,” Pro Arts Gallery & COMMONS, Oakland CA.
September 26, 2019 - Music Research Strategies Solo Performance, Matatu Festival of Stories, Parkway Theatre, Oakland, CA.
October 4, 2019 - Music Research Strategies, Solo Performance - Toronto Biennial.
October 5, 2019 - Music Research Strategies, Solo Performance - Toronto Biennial.
October 6, 2019 - In Defense of Memory, Red Room, Baltimore, MD.
October 7, 2019 - Santistevan/Trammell Duo, Silver Springs, MD.
October 9, 2019 - Santistevan/Trammell Duo, Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NYC
October 10, 2019 - Santistevan/Trammell Duo, basement in Brooklyn, NYC
October 12, 2019 - In Defense of Memory, The Stone, NYC.
October 15, 2019 - Music Research Strategies, Western Front, Vancouver, BC.
Date TBD - Alternative, Library Bellingham, WA
October 23, 2019 - Music Research Strategies, Western Front, Vancouver, BC.
Duo Vernacular, featuring (Eileen) Kage - Sunshine Coast, 
October 30, 2019 - Music Research Strategies, Western Front, Vancouver, BC.
October 31st, 2019 Duo Vernacular, featuring (Eileen) Kage, SFU Woodward, Heart of the City Festival


9/5 at Skeleton Dust in Dayton Ohio
9/6 Hopscotch Fest Location: The Wicked Witch) Raleigh NC
9/7 Institute 193 in Lexington KY
9/14 May Chapel in Chicago IL
9/29 *Creative Clarity Workshop with Jon Mueller Sturgeon Bay WI
10/12 *Creative Clarity Workshop with Jon Mueller Milwaukee WI
10/12 10pm Company Brewing Company Milwaukee WI

More information:

*As part of FTAM: Noise Knowledge Consortium
The aim of this workshop is to help people understand and define their creative voice and vision. Through stories, meditation and discussion, points of individuality will be identified, creating a clearer path to make your work, whatever the discipline, more aligned with your identity and unique character.

Beginning with a talk, examples of finding one’s own voice within the chaos (and uniformity) of our lives will be shared. These ideas will then be allowed to distill within each person individually – an important process to help identify the path to move forward – during a quiet gong meditation using a variety of mid to large sized gongs. These deep tones provide a relaxing and conducive background for undistracted thought, concentration and focus within. After the mediation, the discussion will be opened to the room, sharing thoughts, experiences and questions, further inspiring and solidifying each person’s clarity on their own creative voice and how to put it to use within their work.)


- 04/10/2019 - Krakow, PL // 
Sacrum Profanum Festival
- 05/10/2019 - Prague, CZ //
w/ William Fowler Collins + Nebulosa
- 06/10/2019 - Warsaw, PL //
Avart Art fest w/ Bill Orcutt and Mick Barr
- 07/10/2019 - Halle, DE //
w/ William Fowler Collins + Nebulosa


26/09 IT Varese Twiggy
27/09 IT Bologna Ikigai Room
28/09 CH Lugano invitation show
29/09 CH Zürich UMBO
30/09 DE Mannheim Hafenkirche
1/10 FR Metz La Chouée
2/10 BE Kortrijk The Pit’s
3/10 LUX Luxembourg city Rocas
4/10 DE Wuppertal Gallery Grölle
5/10 DE Halle Pierre Grasse with Aaron Turner
6/10 DE Chemnitz Odradek
7/10 CZ Prague Potrva with Aaron Turner
8/10 DE Munich Committee
9/10 IT Verona Malacarne
10/10 IT Cornuda Tipoteca Italiana
11/10 IT Udine invitation show
12/10 SLO Velenje Klub eMCe Plac
13/10 IT Venezia Padiglione9 Forte Marghera


Nov 4 / The Crocodile / Seattle, WA with Mono (Japan)
Nov 5 / The Imperial / Vancouver, BC with Mono (Japan) and Bellwitch
Nov 9/ Modular 8/ Portland OR, with Daniel Menche and Jim Haynes

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Mára (Faith Coloccia) "Here Behold Your Own" Pre-Order

Mára "Here Behold Your Own"

Side A: A New Young Birth 
Side B: Sangre de Cristo 

Available for pre-order HERE.

Preview a track HERE.

Mára is the solo project of Faith Coloccia, the hermetic composer, songwriter, and vocalist who has a central figure in numerous projects including Mamiffer and her ongoing collaborations with Alex Barnett. Her arrangements for piano, organ, electronics, guitar, and voice often take the form of deconstructed plainsongs, as elegant variations of a melody that smolder and dissolve into heavy-lidded assemblages of shadow, fog, and echo. As Mára, she continues with her signature aesthetics, while laying bare the emotional core of her being. 

Here Behold Your Own follows the very limited Surfacing cassette from 2015. The album began to take shape shortly upon the conception of her son and evolved to encompass her becoming a mother in conjunction with the re-engineering of her creative processes. Coloccia reflects upon the album’s origins, stating “ A lot of the material that I used to make this record felt like the last glimpses of ‘me’ before I became another me. Almost as soon as I conceived I felt the old me slipping away, and so these recordings and photographs were like the last time spent with myself before I changed.” 

Mára’s melodies draw from the lullabies that Coloccia would sing to her son. Dating back many years, she has employed the...  more


releases September 13, 2019

Side A: A New Young Birth
Side B: Sangre de Cristo

Recorded and mixed by Faith Coloccia 2018 on Vashon Island WA
Using cassette recordings from 2015-2018
Mastered by Randall Dunn

Daniel Menche "Melting Gravity LP" available for pre-order

Daniel Menche "Melting Gravity" LP 

SIDE A: Melting Gravity 1
SIDE B: Melting Gravity ll

Available for pre-order HERE.

Preview a track HERE.

Daniel Menche follows up his triple CD opus Sleeper with the razor drone constructs of Melting Gravity. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Menche is an iconic musician with three decades working with intense noise, immersive ambience, and turbulent field recordings. With Melting Gravity, Menche continues to carve his spot as a figurehead in the experimental community.

The title of Melting Gravity refers to an allegory on the human pursuit of transcendence with all of its connotations to weightlessness, ascension, flight, out-of-body experiences, and just getting high. Gravity, on the other hand, becomes that which negates and nullifies those transcendent pursuits. In the context of this particular allegory, gravity is the devil. Music, long a vehicle aimed towards transcendent ideals, becomes the weapon to defeat gravity, to defeat the devil. Daniel Menche wields the weapon of music in composing the mercurial grandeur that is Melting Gravity. 

Implementing an elegant arc of acceleration and dissolve, Menche presents a slow-motion tumble of drones from his signature manipulation of FM synthesis, oscillators, and sustained tones from various stringed instruments. The tangles and tendrils of these extended frequencies are bright and liquid, rich...  more


releases September 13, 2019

Recored and mixed by Daniel Menche, 2018-2019.
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk.
Photos by Daniel Menche.
Additional art and design by Faith Coloccia.

flood print